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Upper Canada Railway Services (UCRS)

Upper Canada Railway Services, an Ontario based corporation is a first class quality manufacturer and supplier of a wide array of assembly components and spare parts for locomotives, freight cars and passenger coaches.

Our services extend to repair and supply the equipment on UTEX and Outright basis, provide technical support and training and overhaul project management and consulting.

Our extensive technical knowledge combined with our field experience associated with our strong global ties to OEM manufacturers allows UCRS to be a reliable source and a long term partner with first class railroads.

Our mission is to manufacture and supply the assemblies and spare parts that meet or exceed the ones from OEM at the most competitive price which will help our customers to maintain their rolling stock fleet at a much reasonable cost compare to OEM.

Our vision is to establish a long term relationship with our customers through a remarkable customer service and flawless after sales supports. We strive to uphold an excellent reputation among our customers which will distinguish us from our competitors.

Our products are manufactured in compliance with AAR-M1003 quality management programs and supported by a comprehensive warranty policy that will bring a peace of mind to our valued customers.

New Product:
New addition to UCRS Turbocharger line of products is Cover Impeller, P/N 8360527. The item is made in full compliance with OEM design. The special contour of the impeller is meticulously inspected by CMM and special ...

New Service:
Upper Canada Railway Services is fully capable to re-manufacture all type of main alternators of EMD® and GE® locomotive to full compliance with OEM specification in five different levels of repair scope. This program ...