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UCRS is capable of manufacturing and supply of a wide variety of Air, Fuel and Oil filters housings, strainers and inertial air filters. We are also capable of supply the wide range of air, lube and fuel filter elements that assure the safe operation of locomotive and result in durability and longevity of the locomotive components and the less down time in operation. Maintaining the filtration systems of locomotive is critical and vital to operation life of different systems of the locomotive and therefore the utilization of high quality elements is stressed out in all maintenance instruction of the locomotives.

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Inertial Air Filters

Inertial separators are highly efficient as a primary air filtration device or as a pre-cleaner for high efficiency secondary filters.

The newer generation of inertial air filters are self-clean and do not require regular replacement of elements. These inertial filtersare recommended where dust concentrations are extreme or where service work must be minimized. The Centrifugal force resulted from unique impeller shape of the filter tubes propels the aspirated engine air, creating a spinning motion separates the dust from the intake airflow. The separated dust particulate is then bled away from the airstream by means of a scavenge fan, making the filter a self-cleaning system that does not require replacing elements.

The older generation of inertial filter are proven to be one of the most effective high volume air cleaners for use in pre-cleaning, single and multi-stage filtering systems. It has been demonstrated over many years of application that these inertial separators will perform efficiently in a wide variety of operating conditions, at all volumes of air flow. These filters can remove 10% more airborne contaminants than any competitive unit, resulting in a much cleaner air compartment, generator, traction motor and blower. This inertial separator is designed to provide long, trouble-free service under the most difficult conditions.

The inertial filters are environmentally friendly, and a sustainable product, as they self-clean and do not require regular replacement associated with typical throw-away barrier filters. The application of inertial filters on locomotive significantly reduces the consumption of air filter cartridge and will enhance the longevity of locomotive components