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Engineering and Design

Upper Canada Railway Services has designed a diverse set of products across a broad range of rolling stock equipment. Our products can be found in wide variety of assemblies in different type of locomotives and freight cars. Our design portfolio includes products we carried from concept to production as well as products that are designed to replace the OEM with enhancement in quality and longevity compare to OEM.

Our design portfolio has expanded over years from single component to now complete assemblies that are physically and functionally compatible with OEM with performance that meets or exceeds the OEM design.

To help our valued customers with their demand for parts that are supplied only by OEM or the parts that are no longer supported by OEM, we have initiated a dedicated reverse engineering program to virtually design and manufacture any component or assembly to OEM specification. This process includes drawing development, material analysis, fatigue and stress analysis, casting simulation and heat treatment and hardening process definition.


Superior products through innovative manufacturing solutions are the reasons we are well known as a reliable source for our customers who are looking for alternatives to OEM parts at a competitive price and premium quality. Offering first class spare parts and components with manufacturing efficiency, productivity, quality and on-time delivery is our daily mission.

From pattern design, to casting, laser cut and welding, and precision machining, we do our utmost best that the parts leaving our facility being in full compliance with our customer expectations. Our products are manufactured under well administrated quality assurance and quality management system which enables us to maintain the quality and improve it to meet or exceed the OEM specification.

Consulting and Project Management

In UCRS, we strive to be the Project Management Consultancy (PMC) contractor of choice for our global railway customers. This would be only achieved through supporting our customers’ business objectives and consistently delivering project deliverables with outstanding project planning, execution, monitoring and quality management plans to meet project’s cost, schedule and scope baselines.

We have an extensive experience in service project, rebuilt and modernization projects and component procurement projects for all rolling stocks of our railway customers and successfully completed a wide array of projects in the railway field.

Whether as a single entity or as part of an integrated project management team with the customer’s staff, we apply the PMC best practices and management skills to assist our customers in achieving their business objectives.

Distributorship and Supply Chain

During many years of active presence in the rail industries, we have cultivated a profound relationship with quality manufacturer of spare parts and assemblies. This trust worthy relationship with OEM and quality aftermarket manufacturers has made us capable to offer a wide range of spare parts and assemblies for virtually all your rolling stock fleet with preferred volume distributorship price bracket. We have developed an extensive database that enables us to locate the parts that you are looking for and price it within a short period of time. Our mission possible is well defined “If we could not make it for you, we will locate it for you”.