New Products

Product Description: END BELL - ARMATURE
Product Number: 8300100

New product development from UCRS. We could now supply End-Bell, Armature EMD P/N: 8300100 made to OEM print and material specification. This end bell is a common part in all D43, D77 ,D78 ,D87 and D90 Traction Motors. 
Product Description: AXLE HOUSING - BTR
Product Number: 40045562

The Axle Housing is the major part of MSU system for traction motors. We manufacture Axle Housing of several type of traction motors including 40045562 and 40006120 to OEM drawing, process and material specification. We could also offer the rebuilt of these axle housings by welding, stress relief and machining to OEM tolerances. 
Product Description: HOUSING ASM
Product Number: 8261201

Upper Canada Railway Services has developed the Housing Assembly, P/N 8261201 for EMD Locomotive Auxiliary Generator Drive. We manufacture all related components and complete generator drive made to OEM drawings and material specifications. 
Product Description: COIL ASSEMBLY .. NO. I AND NO.3 MAIN POLES
Product Number: 40006426

Upper Canada Railway Services (UCRS) is capable to manufacture and supply wide range of main coils and Interpole coils for EMD Traction Motors. All Coils are made in compliance with OEM drawings and material specification and engineering test instructions. We could supply traction motor coils for D29/D31/D43/D77/D87/D90 traction motors. The part numbers as follows: 
D29 traction Motor
  - Main Coils 8238966, 8238967, 8238968, 8238969  - Interpole Coil 8239601
D31 Traction Motor
  - Main Coils 40164779, 40164987, 40164988, 40164989  - Interpole Coil 8239601
D43 Traction Motor
  - Main Coils  9549315, 9549316, 9549317, 9549318  - Interpole Coil 9538418
D77 / D78 Traction Motor
  - Main Coils 8248965, 8248966, 8248967, 8248968   - Interpole Coil 8248937
D87 / D87BTR / D90TR Traction Motor
  - Main Coils 40006429, 40006430 (4006426 and 40006427)  - Interpole Coils 9568938
Product Description: COVER - FRONT
Product Number: 7491080

A new addition to Upper Canada Railway Service (UCRS) line of products. The FRONT COVER P/N 7491080 for Hyatt Style 5-1/2 x 10 Journal Box. 
Product Description: SHAFT
Product Number: 8460533

The newer addition to UCRS product line is the Shaft Drive P/N 8460533 for EMD Locomotive Auxiliary Generator Drive. This item is made in full compliance with OEM design, process and material specification.
Product Number: 40046462

Upper Canada Railway Services (UCRS) is capable to supply complete assembly as well as all components of Pressure and Piston Cooling Pump for 710 Engine, P/N 40046462. All components are made to OEM print and in full compliance with OEM specification. 
Product Description: CAP - REAR
Product Number: 7490632

Upper Canada Railway Services is offering all components of 5-1/2 x 10 Hyatt® Journal Box including Rear CAP P/N: 7490632 made to OEM print and material specification. The Hyatt® Journal Box 5-1/2 x 10 is widely used in EMD GP and G series locomotives
Product Number: 8262903

Upper Canada Railway Services could offer the complete Lube Oil Scavenging pump for EMD 645 Engines, P/N 8262903 and all related components. All parts are made to OEM specification and engineering instruction. We could also offer repair and return services to OEM specifications and performance. 
Product Description: MANIFOLD ASY
Product Number: 40072091

Upper Canada Railway Services is now offering the Manifold Asy, P/N: 40072091. The manifold is developed based on the OEM drawings and material specification and is utilized in all different types of EMD 710 Engines. 
Product Description: FUEL PUMP
Product Number: 8302492

UCRS is capable to manufacture Fuel Pump Assembly, Part No. 8302492. The assembly is made to EMD drawings and specification and tested and certified to OEM specifications. 
Product Description: DUCT - EXHAUST - S11
Product Number: 9330367

Upper Canada Railway Services has successfully developed the Turbo Exhaust Duct for EMD locomotives, P/N 9330367 for type 645E engine and P/N 9529830 for type 710 engine. The parts are developed to OEM technical and material specification. 
Product Number: 8261195

Just completed the development of Sleeve P/N 8261195 for 645 and 710 engine stubshaft. The part is fully compliant with OEM specification. 
Product Description: WHEEL ASSY - BLOWER - 12 BLADES
Product Number: 8350529

Upper Canada Railway Service is now capable to offer Wheel Blower Assembly, P/N 8350529. The part is made to OEM drawing, material specification and is balance to specification that exceed the OEM standard. 
Product Number: 8164682

Upper Canada Railway Services has successfully developed a wide range of EMD Alternator Flexible Coupling Disks for AR and TA series of generators. The product range covers a variety of coupling disks part numbers including male, female, small and large rotor hub and offset disks. All disks are made to OEM material specification and processes. Here are the OEM part numbers that could be manufactured: 
- 9556139
- 8164682
- 8185986
- 8363127
- 8480732
Product Number: 9326116

Upper Canada Railway Services (UCRS) successfully developed and manufactured the new stator assembly in full compliance with EMD® AR6 model. The assembly is interchangeable with OEM design without any changes or needs for additional parts. All stages of reverse engineering and design are done based on UCRS engineering capabilities. This will be a great addition to our line of AR10, TA17, D14, CA5 and CA6 alternators and related components
Product Description: GEAR
Product Number: 8358575

UCRS has successfully developed the design and manufacturing of Gear P/N 8358575 for EMD Locomotive Turbocharger. Our gear is in full compliance with design and material specification as defined by OEM. 
Product Description: SEAL - AXLE PE
Product Number: 40023838

Under our products line for MSU (Motor Suspension Unit), Upper Canada Railway Services  (UCRS) offers all related spare parts for D78/D87BTR, D90TR, ITB622 and A4332 Traction Motors. We just recently completed manufacturing and supply of PE Seal Rings P/N 40023838 and 40076794 for our class one rail customer.