New Services

Traction Motor Coils Rebuit Service

Upper Canada Railway Services (UCRS) now offers unit exchange for main coils and interpole coils of EMD and GE traction motors. This will save significantly on the cost for the new coils with a warranty period as same as brand new coils

The EMD coils will be rebuilt using vulcanized silicone technology which is the OEM design with robust resistance against vibration, moisture, pollution and heat. The GE coils will be rebuilt using B-Stage or VPI mica insulation system The scope of rebuilt as follows: 

- All coils will be completely stripped from old insulation
- The copper will be truly cleaned off from any old insulation residue or carbon contamination
- The old coil leads will be replaced with brand new coils leads
- All internal insulation material (inter-turn) will be replaced with new
- The external insulation will be applied
- The silicone coils will be vulcanized and the mica technology coils will be VPI and cured
- The coils will be tested for ground insulation and inter-turn insulation
- The poleshoes will be inspected. The pole shoes with excess wear will be replaced. All bolt 
  holes will be tapped and re-qualified
- The poleshoe and coils will be re-assembled
- The coils will be supplied with a new 12 months in service warranty

The service range includes all main coils and interpole coils for EMD D29 / D31 / D43 / D77 / D87 / D90 Traction motors and GE 761 / 752 / 763 traction motors
Main Generator Rebuilt Services

Upper Canada Railway Services is fully capable to re-manufacture all type of main alternators of EMD® and GE® locomotive to full compliance with OEM specification in five different levels of repair scope. This program includes the UTEX, Repair and Return or Outright sales of rebuilt units. All generators will be supplied with full warranty for a period of 12 months in service or 18 months from the date of shipment. The range of the alternator models include but not limited to:

    D12, D22, D25, D32
    A33, AB20, AB21, AB22
    AR6, AR8, AR10, AR11
    TA17, TA20
    D14, CA5, CA6
    5GTA11, 5GTA24

These services include but not limited to:

- Disassembly of components Washing and
- Re-Qualifying all Mechanical components, replace if necessary
- Machine and repair the generators stand
- Replacing the shaft of the rotor assembly if required.
- Electrical Test of the Stator Assembly (Megger, Hi-Pot and Surge test)
- Electric Test of Rotor Assembly (Megger, Hi-Pot and Surge test)
- Rewinding the Stator Assembly if required
- Re-Coil the Rotor Assembly if required
- VPI the Stator Assembly and oven bake
- VPI the Rotor Assembly and oven bake
- Installation of the coupling disk
- Balancing the rotor assembly
- Replacing the cable leads if necessary
- Replacing the Bearing Housings if necessary
- Replacing the bearing
- Re-machine and re-centre the Slip Rings if necessary
- Refurbishment of the diode bank assembly, replacing the diodes and fuses
- Replacement all inspection covers and glass inspection windows if necessary