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Upper Canada Railway Services is capable of supply any new brake system parts from well known manufacturers as well as related repair kits and spare parts.

In addition to supply of the parts and assemblies, we provide repair and return and Utexservices (subject to core availability) for all sort of valves and brake cylinders to our railway customers. These parts and assemblies are included but not limited to:

  • Brake Valves
  • Brake Cylinders
  • Gauges and Indicators
  • Air Reservoir
  • Cock Valves
  • Repair kits

Please brows the list of brake parts and components and accessories that we could supply by clicking the related link on left pain of this page. If there is as specific part that you could not find on our website, please do not hesitate to send your inquiry to us and we are highly confident that we would be able to supply it.

Upgrade services:

One of the services provided to our valued customer is the upgrade of the existing brake system in older generation locomotives to a newer system. This could be an upgrade of the 24RL brake system to newer 26L brake system our re-designing the older pneumatic brake system for an upgrade to an electro-pneumatic brake system with incorporation of the microprocessor which provides advanced diagnostics to railroad personnel with step-by-steptroubleshooting capabilities and recommended actions.