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Manufacturing Capabilities:

Upper Canada Railway Services is among few companies that have capability to manufacture the alternator assemblies which are physically and functionally compliant with below EMD® Alternator Assemblies:
  • AR10 (Version A, F)
  • AR11
  • TA17
  • CA5 / CA6

All attention to detail technical points are made to make sure that our alternators are interchangeable with OEM design and have the exact same performance curve to the same generator supplied by OEM. All components including the machined stator assembly, stator coils, rotor spiders, rotor coils, shafts and coupling disks are designed and made to strict OEM compliance and entirely serviceable by the OEM parts that locomotive shops might have as stock.

Several enhancements are implemented in our design and manufacturing process including the latest insulation material technology to improve the quality and longevity of the alternators and reduce the manufacturing cost so our products could be economically competitive to OEM design.

The rectifier assemblies is designed and manufactured with brand new bus bars with superior material compare to OEM and brand new rectifier housing, diodes and fuses.

All generator will be tested with Resistance, Insulation and Surge test prior to bearing running test to measure the bearing temperature and the vibration. All generators will be excited to test the induction voltage along the positive and negative bus bars.

In addition to complete alternator assemblies, we also offer all components and spare parts of these alternators which are directly interchangeable with same from OEM with the quality that meets and exceeds the OEM specifications. Our line of spare parts includes frame assembly, Rectifier Assembly, End Housing Assembly, Air Boxes, Slip Ring Assembly, shafts coupling disk, and bearing parts.

Re-Manufacturing Capabilities:

Upper Canada Railway Services is fully capable to remanufacture all type of main alternators of EMD® and GE® locomotive to full compliance with OEM specification in five different levels of repair scope. This program includes the UTEX, Repair and Return or Outright sales of rebuilt units. All generators will be supplied with full warranty for a period of 12 months in service or 18 months from the date of shipment. The range of the alternator models include but not limited to:

  • D12, D22, D25, D32
  • A33, AB20, AB21, AB22
  • AR6, AR8, AR10, AR11
  • TA17, TA20
  • D14, CA5, CA6
  • 5GTA11, 5GTA24

These services include but not limited to:

  • Disassembly of components Washing and
  • Re-Qualifying all Mechanical components, replace if necessary
  • Machine and repair the generators stand
  • Replacing the shaft of the rotor assembly if required.
  • Electrical Test of the Stator Assembly (Megger, Hi-Pot and Surge test)
  • Electric Test of Rotor Assembly (Megger, Hi-Pot and Surge test)
  • Rewinding the Stator Assembly if required
  • Re-Coil the Rotor Assembly if required
  • VPI the Stator Assembly and oven bake
  • VPI the Rotor Assembly and oven bake
  • Installation of the coupling disk
  • Balancing the rotor assembly
  • Replacing the cable leads if necessary
  • Replacing the Bearing Housings if necessary
  • Replacing the bearing
  • Re-machine and re-centre the Slip Rings if necessary
  • Refurbishment of the diode bank assembly, replacing the diodes and fuses
  • Replacement all inspection covers and glass inspection windows if necessary