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Upper Canada Railway Services is capable of design, manufacturing and supply of truck parts of different type of locomotives. This includes traditional locomotive truck assemblies and bolster-less design truck assemblies. We are constantly developing and sourcing new parts for different locomotives and new parts

Please view our truck part listing to see all the OEM part numbers that we are capable to manufacture or supply. If you do not see the number you are looking for, please contact our sales team and we are confident we can serve you with your needs.


We are capable of manufacturing Locomotive, freight cars and passenger coaches to AAR-M101 or UIC 811-1. We are capable of manufacturing wide range of OEM axles for GE®, EMD®, Bombardier Henschel® locomotives. We also manufacture passenger coach axles for Bombardier MD523 and BSK-12462 and Y25 Bogies for Freight Cars. Please brows the axle section of our website for all OEM part numbers that we could manufacture.

We would be also capable of designing and manufacturing any axles by precise reverse engineering. If you have any axle that you could not find on the market except with high price from OEM, we guarantee to manufacture it to quality that meets or exceeds the OEM specifications.

Axle Gears and Pinions

UCRS is capable of manufacturing and supply of a wide variety of AC and DC traction motor pinions and axle gears for different type of EMD, GE and Alstom Locomotives.

Pinion and axle gear worn out is indeed a main contributor to the vibration on the traction motors which will damage the traction motor insulation system causing a ground failure. It will also adversely affect the bearings of the traction motor. It is essential part of the truck maintenance to inspect the wear level of the pinion and axle gears and replace them at a certain limit of wear. Using the high quality pinion and axle gears will reduce the frequency of inspection and disassembly of the traction motor combo in service.

Also it is very important to follow the right procedure for carburizing and teeth hardening in manufacturing process. The extra hard gear teeth will result in teeth breakage which will cause the traction motor and axle seizure which will create an extensive damage to traction motor and the suspension system.

Our extensive experience and long history of manufacturing and supplying high quality gears for railways and mass transit, will assure all our customers of best performance and durability of gears they need. Our products will meet or exceeds the OEM standards and has been supplied and proven in service in many first class railroads.

Support Bearing

Friction type support bearings are a very important part of the traditional traction motors with friction bearing design like D29/D31/D43/D77/D78/D87 and GE761/GE 752 Traction Motors.

The high quality support bearing could guarantee the longevity of traction motor combo in operation with the right clearances and crush dimensions after installation. The right chemical structure and distribution Babbitt coating with the perfect bondage to the surface of barrier metal could significantly affect the durability in service.

Upper Canada Railway Services has been allied with best manufacturer of support bearings in the industry to provide our values customer with the highest possible quality support bearings.

Please brows the part number that we currently supply. If you could not find the part number that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to let us know and we are quiet certain that we could supply it for you.

Journal Housings and Adapters

Upper Canada Railway Services is capable of manufacturing and supply Journal Box Housing Assemblies, Journal Bearings and Journal bearing adapter. This includes Hyatt Journal Box components for 5-1/2 x 10 or 6-1/2 x 12 or the Journal Housing class F, G and GG and elated adapters.

For further detail of the OEM part numbers, please click the related link on left pane of this page. If you could not find the part number you are looking for, please submit your inquiry to us and we are quite confident that we would be able to supply your part number.

In addition to supply the brand new items, we are capable to re-manufacture your exiting RTO journal box housing and journal adapter to its OEM dimension and condition and replace all wear plates with brand new manganese liner and wear plates.

MSU (Motor Suspension Units)

Traction motor suspension units (MSU) or U-TUBE have been extensively used in locomotives to mount the traction motors on wheel assembly.

The previously used plain friction bearings also known as support bearings used from beginning of the 1950s, are prone to wear and had to be replaced time to time. Additionally, dynamic loads usually occurring during operation of rail vehicles, such as bounces on staggered rail joints and vibrations, reduce the bearings’ operating life. The other concern was the frequency of maintenance for which the level of the oil in traction motor axle caps has to maintain and the lubricator assembly has to be replaced. There is also a limit on the speed of the locomotive as the frictionsupport bearings are subject to overheat and failure in higher speed. In order to reduce track forces and increase the travel speed which is more suitable for passenger trains, it is desirable to use MSU or U-TUBE systems.

Today’s MSU or U-Tube system allows for higher speed up to 140 km/hour. In in this system the support bearings are replaced by robust rolling bearings in the forms of tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and spherical roller bearings which have proved most reliable in this type of application. Because of fully suspended TM, forces from track irregularities or wheel spinning etc. reflected to traction motor components are minimum. This will effectively reduce vibrations on the traction motors which will result in longevity of the traction motor life and less frequent services.

The most Benefits of (MSU) or UTUBE Includes:
  • Increases reliability
  • Reduces radial clearance and maintenance costs
  • Low starting torque
  • Grease lubrication; no oil levels to maintain

In response to increasing demand of our customers, we have developed a line of MSU (U-TUBE) parts for EMD D78/D87/D90BTR, EMD ITB2622 and A3432, and GE752AH Traction motors.

Truck Springs

At Upper Canada Railway Services, we have the capabilities to design a spring from scratch to a customer’s specifications, or make improvements and suggestions to an existing design. We have the capability to perform special analytical tests per our customer’s requirements. We can perform cycle testing and fatigue failure analysis, raw material analysis such as decarburization, ultrasonic test, tensile strength test, and grain size verification.

Finding the right spring for your locomotive application could be difficult task. There are many variables such as material specification, size, allowable stress, and dimensional tolerances which will complicate any locomotive spring design. The locomotive springs, primary or secondary are major contributors to balance and stability of locomotive and indeed an essential part of the safe operation of locomotive.

We are capable of supply and manufacture a wide variety of EMD, GE and Bombardier Locomotive springs including single, double or triple springs as listed under the related link on this page. Please brows the list of the springs. If you could not find your item, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you to find what you are looking for.

Brake Rigging

Upper Canada Railway Services is capable of manufacturing and supply a wide variety of all brake rigging and accessories for EMD, GE and Bombardier (Henschel) locomotives. This includes but not limited to:

  • Brake Rod Assembly
  • Brake Levers
  • Brake Heads
  • Brake Hangers
  • Slack Adjusters
  • Track Rod Assemblies
  • Stabilizer Bars
  • Brake Pin Assemblies
  • Bushings
  • Brake Clevis

Gear Cases

We could supply gear cases for EMD and GE locomotive traction motors with variety of OEM designs like high capacity, felt and plastic seal, etc. In addition to metal fabricates gear cases, we are also capable to manufacture cast steel gear cases for AC traction motors and also molded plastic gear cases.

We are also capable to supply the gear case accessories like complete line of gear case seals, gear case caps and springs, and gear case mounting hardware and safety straps.

Please brows the list of gear cases and accessories that we could supply by clicking the related link on left pain of this page.