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Though the consumables and miscellaneous materials might not sound as important and vital as other major components of locomotive and other rolling stocks, but indeed it is impossible to achieve the high quality maintenance quality objectives without application of high quality materials.

It is beyond a single doubt that application of a wrong gasket material or a wrong type lubricant of a wrong grade bolt could bring the entire assembly to halt and cause a catastrophic failure.

In UCRS, our effort is focused on supplying the right material and consumables in full compliance with OEM specifications. We pursue any opportunity to enhance the quality the material to provide a better quality, longevity and performance from what is expected from OEM design.

We are supplying the wide range of consumables, fasteners, gasket and gasket kits, Carbon Brushes, Wire and Cables and Connectors, Pneumatic and Hydraulic hoses and connectors, and pipes and connectors under OEM part numbers.

If you could not find the part number that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to send your inquiry to us and we will be pleased to locate the part that you need.